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Mimpiana Pillow Sprays

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RM 45.00
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RM 45.00

Our products are designed to promote calmness, wellness and better-quality sleep. It is also skin and fabric friendly and will not cause any staining.

Snooze - Oh Lilin special blend of lavender, it helps with sleeping!

Kyoto - A blend of lavender, honey and bergamot 

Meadow - Blend of Water Peony, Lotus, Melon, Tuberose and Osmanthus

Fresh - Eucalyptus scent, great for those with sinuses!
First Love - Blend of grapefruit, lychee, apple, jasmine and musk. 

Parisian - Raspberry, osmanthus and leather (hotel scent)

Moroccan Rose - It's a lovely and exotic scent of roses!

Yuzu - Yuzu (of course!) with a touch of lychee and citrus

Jane - Pear, pink pepper and bergamot

 Just spray on your pillow and bedspread or blanket before bed time for a calming night ahead.
 Each bottle is 80ml.
 Made by Malaysians for Malaysians.